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Can A Dental Appliance Be Worn As An Adult

Can A Dental Appliance Be Worn As An Adult?

Orthodontic braces are widely used in adolescents. These rings worn on their teeth guarantee a wonderful, lasting smile for their entire life. Just for information, nearly 25% of adult patients go to the dentist for a dental appliance. One can even choose to wear an invisible dental appliance for greater discretion.

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Orthognathic surgery health, functionality and aesthetics

Orthognathic Surgery: Health, Functionality And Aesthetics

About 25% of people have dental-cranio-maxillofacial deformities or asymmetries in the structure of their face. It may be due to problems of different kinds in any of the elements that compose it: jaw, maxilla, zygomatic bones, nose orbital regions, teeth and soft tissues.

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