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CEREC Same Day Crowns

Same day permanent crown

Elite Smiles Dental offers patients same-day crowns, by appointment, utilizing CEREC technology. Our CEREC crowns allow us to modernize and traditional dental procedure using CAD CAM technology. Through this service our patients can leave with a permanent crown within a couple hours without the need of a second appointment. Our same-day crowns are also color matched to your natural teeth allowing for a seamless smile.

A crown is used to strengthen cracked/weak teeth or to fix discoloration. When your appointment begins we will prepare the tooth by thoroughly cleaning it and making sure there is no indication of inflammation around the surrounding gum area. Our highly qualified hygienists will then use a specialized intra-oral camera to take 3D images that will be used to create your permanent crown. Your images will be uploaded into a computer program so that our dentist can review the design and make any necessary adjustments to ensure a comfortable fit. Once approved, your crown will be carved from a ceramic block using our in-house machine. We will then prep the new crown and adhere it to your tooth.

With proper oral care our same-day crowns will last, on average, eighteen years. During your routine dental visits, we will check to make sure your crown does not show any signs of wear. Our patients are also pleased to learn that our custom in-house CEREC crowns are also comparable in price to the traditional crowns that we also offer.

Please contact our office to schedule your CEREC same-day crown appointment today!