Dental Fillings

Patients who are faced with needing to fix a cavity all have the same concern, will people notice I have a filling? At Elite Smiles Dentistry, P.A., we recommend our patients choose composite fillings. These fillings are made with a blend of silica fillers and plastic resins and mimic the wear-resistance and color of natural teeth.  Aside from blending in they also help to strengthen the tooth and are an excellent option for not only your front teeth but your molars as well.

A composite filling can be placed in just one appointment after the cavity has been thoroughly cleaned. Our dentist will ensure that the surround area is numb before beginning the procedure. The first step will involve removing the decayed portion and thoroughly cleaning the area and preparing it for the filling. We will then apply a gel to help create a strong bond between your tooth and new filling. Once the gel has cured the composite filling is applied in thin layers until the affected area has been filled. Lastly, after the composite filling has hardened we will smooth and polish it to ensure it fits your natural bite and is comfortable to talk and chew.

Some patients may experience sensitivity to hot and cold around the new filling. This sensitivity should subside over time, but please let our office know if it is persistent so that we may make sure there are no other issues. Good eating habits and oral hygiene are important in prolonging the life of your filling, which on average should last five years. During your routine dental visits, they will check to make sure the filling is holding up and is not showing any obvious signs of wear and tear.

The staff and Dr. Gambrell take great care of me. They are super friendly and this office is very comfortable and appealing.​

Kevin Porter

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