Full Mouth Reconstructions - Smile Makeover

At Elite Smiles Dentistry, P.A. we offer full mouth reconstruction to help our patients restore their mouth to a healthier state. As you receive dental work over the years the focus is solely on fixing a specific issue and not at what may happen down the line. After years of different teeth being treated some patients begin to realize they are grinding their teeth more or experiencing pain or discomfort in their jaw. Full mouth reconstruction is recommended for these patients who have had various types of dental work performed over years that over time has not allowed for any improvement your bite. Your treatment plan may involve numerous types of dental treatment over a course of time to achieve your optimal bite.

Our highly trained staff will consider your jaw movements and anatomy to find the ideal position for your bite to allow for comfort and health. To achieve this balance, we will need to remove any current tooth decay, old crowns or bridges, and old fillings. We will then go over the numerous options, or treatments, that will be needed to obtain your optimal bite and prepare your treatment plan. The timeline for your full mouth reconstruction will vary based on the treatments. For patients who are looking to have their old dental work taken out and replaced it can take as long as year. We can also prepare all the new dental appliances and then install them over the course of a few weeks allowing patients to see the result sooner.

It is important to discuss your goals and concerns regarding the recommended treatments so that we may prepare a customized treatment plan, and timeline, that you are comfortable with.

The staff and Dr. Gambrell take great care of me. They are super friendly and this office is very comfortable and appealing.​

Kevin Porter

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