How Do Dental Implants Work?

At Elite Smiles we pride ourselves in providing quality services for our patients.  We want patients to feel comfortable, and relaxed with all of our procedures.  One of our most common restorative procedures done in our office is dental implants.  Implants provide a permanent solution, and are the closest thing to natural teeth.  They are becoming increasingly popular compared to other dental solutions because they are durable, and they last.

Dental implant procedure:

The process for dental implants will usually take multiple appointments, and this all varies per patient depending on the number of implants, and if a bone graft is needed. A bone graft may be needed if the patient does not have adequate bone to support the implants. Our team at Elite Smiles will evaluate your teeth, and determine if this is necessary. This process takes bone from another area and grafts it to the implant area.

Dental implants are like artificial tooth roots, and are placed in the jaw bone. Implants are like a screw that bonds into the jaw bone providing exceptional support. When the implants are placed in the jaw, they act as a base providing the support to one or many artificial teeth.  The artificial teeth are known as crowns.

Once the base process is complete, a connector or abutment is used, and this is set on top of the implant.  The abutment holds the crown in place by providing a support structure. Our office will then make custom crowns to match the patient’s existing teeth shape and color to fit perfectly in the mouth.

Benefits of dental implants:

  • Implants preserve the natural bone in your mouth and help to stimulate new bone growth.
  • Implants look and feel natural in your mouth, allowing patients to live a normal life and eat the foods they enjoy.
  • One of the safest dental procedures performed, and one of the most common restorative procedures.
  • Slipping or Clicking will not happen with implants compared to other solutions such as dentures or bridges.
  • There are no adhesives used, and patients do not have to worry about taking out replacement teeth for cleaning or soaking.
  • Patients do not have to worry about food getting stuck in between or under replacement teeth with implants.
  • Implants are built of titanium and made to last for years, or a lifetime.
  • Caring for implants is easy and is similar to caring for your natural teeth. Using good oral hygiene will ensure the implants last and remain stable.

Call or email Elite Smiles today to schedule your appointment, and learn more about what our dental implant procedures have to offer.

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