Oral Cancer Screenings

At Elite Smiles Dental, we provide any of our patients, over 17 years old, an oral cancer screening consisting of both a visual inspection and utilizing the state-of-the-art OralID technology. While most oral cancers occur in individuals older than 45, it can develop at any age. It is important to let our dentist know if you have been experiencing any of the following symptoms for longer than two weeks.

  • Change to your voice
  • Constant sore throat or feeling something is stuck in your throat
  • Difficulty chewing or swallowing
  • Lump/sore that will not go away, or heal, on the lip or mouth
  • Numbness, pain, or unusual bleeding in the mouth
  • White or Red patches on the tongue, lining of the mouth, or gums


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Our visual oral cancer screening is a quick and painless process that takes only a couple minutes to complete. We will visually inspect your mouth, lips, neck and face for any indications of cancer; then we will feel for any lumps along the sides of your neck and under your jaw. Using a gauze square, we will pull your tongue from side to side and then the inside of your lips and cheeks will be checked. Your exam will conclude with feeling along the floor off your mouth for any spots of sensitivity or lumps.

The OralID portion of the screening uses a specialized light to enhance abnormal tissues within the mouth. Healthy tissue when illuminated will fluoresce while abnormal tissue will appear dark. During your regular checkup we are more than happy to conduct the screening upon request. While this examine will give most a piece of mind they have no apparent problems, it can also help detect problems early on.

The staff and Dr. Gambrell take great care of me. They are super friendly and this office is very comfortable and appealing.​

Kevin Porter

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