Root Canals

At Elite Smiles Dental, P.A., we recommend root canals to patients when the pulp inside a tooth’s root becomes infected or inflamed. An abscess may form, or the infection can spread, if the tooth’s pulp is left untreated. Indications that the pulp may be inflamed, or infected, are pain, tenderness when chewing, or sensitivity to heat and/or cold. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, please either let your dental hygienist know or call our office so that we may inspect the area.

A tooth’s pulp can become damaged by a chip/crack, decay, or repeated procedures on that specific tooth. The pulp begins to break down forming bacteria which then builds up in the pulp chamber. Before we begin the procedure, we will ensure your tooth and surrounding area are numb to help minimize discomfort. Next, we will take x-rays of the infected tooth and conduct an exam. Before the root canal we will place a dental dam over the tooth to keep the area free from saliva during the procedure. An opening will then be made in the crown of the tooth and using small instruments we will clean out the root canals and pulp chambers. Once cleaned out, then it is time to shape the space for filling. Once your root canal is finished we will then fill the area using a rubber-like material. A crown is placed on top of the tooth to close the opening.

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We will place a temporary crown over your tooth and schedule another appointment for your permanent crown to be installed. For patients who choose the CEREC same-day crown option, we will create your permanent crown on-site and install it same day. Most patients will feel mild discomfort in the procedure site for the next few days. Following your normal oral hygiene routine is the best way to care for your new crown.

The staff and Dr. Gambrell take great care of me. They are super friendly and this office is very comfortable and appealing.​

Kevin Porter

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