Teeth Whitening

At Elite Smiles Dental, we recommend teeth whitening to our patients who express concern over their smile becoming dull. Over time teeth can become yellow or dull for numerous reasons including medication, genetics, aging, drinking dark liquids, poor oral hygiene, and tobacco use. Our office offers both Sapphire whitening in our office and whitening trays for patience to do at home. We understand that numerous over-the-counter teeth whitening gels are available, but we highly advise our patients to stay away from them. They often cause irritation to the gums and teeth which can lead to sensitivity or pain.


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If you’re looking for an effective and gentle way to attain the bright smile you’ve wanted ask about our Sapphire whitening system. The Sapphire whitening system has the capability to make your smile about seven shades brighter with only one visit. This state-of-the-art whitening procedure is completed in 30 minutes utilizing a professional grade whitening gel along with the Sapphire Plasma Arc Light.

For patients who would like a quick and convenient way to whiten their teeth we can provide custom trays for home use. We will take molds of your teeth to create the custom tray along with going over the shade of white you are hoping to achieve. Once your custom-made trays are ready to be picked up, along with the bleaching gel, we will schedule an appointment to go over the whitening procedure and take the time to make sure all your questions get answered. The level of brightness you are hoping to achieve you will determine the how many treatments you need to do at home each night.

The staff and Dr. Gambrell take great care of me. They are super friendly and this office is very comfortable and appealing.

Kevin Porter

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